Cariwest is one of Edmonton’s most colorful and vibrant festivals! Introduced more than 30 years ago in Edmonton , by the Western Carnival Development Association (WCDA),Cariwest provides a platform through which to share popular Caribbean music, cuisine and carnival culture to Western Canada.


The 2019 Cariwest Festival will take place August 9 - 11, in downtown Edmonton! The 3-day event includes a Friday Night Costume Extravaganza, a Saturday parade carnival parade with  the Caribbean Village, inclusive of  live entertainment, taste of the Caribbean and the Caribbean Village Marketplace.

Western Carnival Development Association Board of Directors

Anna Edwards
President, Mas Band Liason
Samantha Alexander
VP, Marketing Director
Cherelle George
Secretary, Special Events Director
Stephanie Modeste
Volunteer Director
Jantony Kellman
Asst. Treasurer
Lisa Edwards
Caribbean Village Director
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Western Carnival Development Association Directors at Large

Thalia Edwards
Special Events Coordinator
Damion Lindo
Parade Coordinator
Alan Reid
Caribbean Village Coordinator
Julianna Cormier
Volunteer and Admin Coordinator
Greg Davis
Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator
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