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Finding your inner Bacchanalist - Get Fit , Get Ready

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Stamina..... When you commit to Carnival season, it becomes a way of life and you find yourself immersed in the music, the fetes, the dancing and the libations of the season. With Cariwest a few short months away, it is time to start looking at conditioning your body for the weekend festivities.

In chatting with Cherelle George, owner of SocaFit here in Edmonton, she broke down some of the benefits of getting into shape for Carnival:

  • Build self confidence and body awareness.

  • Great cardiovascular workout

  • Learn new dance moves

  • Be apart of a team that not only supports but also practices positivity

She explains that these are all important because once you hit the road and the music is pumping you won't be able to hold back, you will just feel the need to "MOVE". What better way to is there to add some of those new moves from class, while chippin’* down de road. Cariwest is known for being the festival that allows you to roam the streets of downtown Edmonton in beautiful vibrant costumes and if you are a Cariwest Junkie planning on going hard for the full 3 days, a bit of stamina and endurance could be your best friend.

Cherelle also stressed that it is a good idea to get your kids involved in the process of getting in shape for Carnival season, as it is a perfect opportunity to expose them to vibrancy and welcoming nature of this aspect of Caribbean culture. Kids love the fact they are able to associate dances with various songs from the Caribbean. Best of all kids enjoy getting dressed up to Play Mas!

One of the things they try to do at SocaFit is to help everyone “unleash their inner Bacchanalist”, in fun and welcoming environment, that allows Edmontonians to get the most of their carnival experience.

Now if you don’t happen to know how to find that Bacchanal Spirits inside of you, just waiting to come out, then for sure visit

*Chipping is a sort of dance-walk that people do during Carnival. “Chippin’ down de road” is how people move about as the soca music blares.

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