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Five things to remember for Cariwest 2019

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Bright colors of Mas on Jasper Ave.

With Cariwest 2019 literally around the corner, here a five things we want you to remember for this weekend as we celebrate 35 years of carnival in Edmonton.

1. Route in Reverse

The Cariwest parade starts at noon on Jasper Ave and 100 St then heads West along Jasper towards 107 street where the parade will make a left and head towards our Caribbean Village located at the Federal Plaza - 9820 – 107 ST.

2. Caribbean Village is on the move

The Cariwest 2019 Caribbean Village returns to the Capital Plaza (MAP) located across from of the Alberta Legislature Building, downtown Edmonton. We still has many of the crowd favorites such as the free outdoor live show all weekend, Herc Street Caribbean Eats, the Caribbean market place and Yes of course the Smatts Rum Garden.

3. Getting There

LRT Option

The LRT has three (3) stations along the parade route that will save you the stress of parking and navigating the road closures through out the downtown core.

Stations along the Parade Route

Central Station

Bay Enterprise Square

Corona Station

Closest Station to Federal Plaza:

Grandin Station

Parking Option

One of the great things about Downtown Edmonton on a Saturday is that there is ample parking. CLICK HERE to see where the closest parking lots are to the Caribbean Village and Saturday Parade Route.

Edmonton Taxi Service

For 2019 Edmonton Taxi is our preferred transportation partner. There will be a special Taxi pickup and drop off location around the Caribbean village and booking information will be available all weekend for festival goers. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE EDMONTON TAXI APP and plan your safe, convenient ride for the weekend.

Park n Ride Option

The best of both worlds really. Hassle free parking, emphasis on FREE depending on where you choose to park. CLICK TO FIND your nearest park and ride. HOT TIP – we hear that Kingsway Mall is also a good option for the weekend.

4. Catching the Parade

Come early and find a comfortable spot along our parade route. If you are looking a few locations that are relaxed, with comfortable seating and great drinks, then look no further than:

· Matrix Hotel 2nd floor patio - 10640 100 Ave NW

· Rocky Mountain Icehouse - 10516 Jasper Ave

· Station on Jasper - 10524 Jasper Ave

· Pub 1905 - 10525 Jasper Ave

5. Be Prepared

In case you have not seen in the forecast for this weekend, it is meant to be around 36 degrees on Friday. That makes me think of one of Arrows must famous classic – “feeling hot hot hot”. With that in mind be prepared to not only have fun in the sun, but to also stay safe in the sun. Hats, UV protection, hydration, wicking clothing, proper footwear are all going to be key to your maximizing your Cariwest experience. We are going heat up Edmonton, yes the music will be sweet.

Plan ahead, come early and lets all remember to have fun this weekend as we bring some real Caribbean flavor and vibes to streets of Edmonton.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 06, 2019

I think you were looking at Las Vegas weather. It is never going to be 36C in Edmonton.

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