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What does Cariwest mean to me: Joshua Fernandes - The Volunteer Spirit

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Our hard working volunteers

It goes without saying that there are numerous moving parts to an event such as Cariwest and without our incredible team of volunteers, the energy and pageantry of Edmonton's most vibrant festival does not hit the road. From making new connections, to developing life and professional skills, along with a full immersion in the Caribbean experience, our volunteers are the unsung MVP’s of Edmonton’s three days celebration of all things Caribbean.

We wanted to take you behind curtain so to speak and into the mind of one of our MVPs – Joshua Fernandes. In our brief interview, Joshua gives us a small glimpse of what Cariwest means to him, as one of our volunteers.

Question: How long have you been volunteering with Cariwest?

Joshua: I have been volunteering with Cariwest for 2 years going onto 3 now.

Question: What motivated you to become a member of the Cariwest Volunteer team?

Joshua: There are so many things to chose from. The positive atmosphere, the joy, the unity and connection that we have with one another, not to mention the wonderful music and most definitely the food!

Question: What are some of the various roles you have had as a Cariwest volunteer?

Joshua: I have worn a number of hats during my time. Anywhere from parade marshal, to working the volunteer tent. I have been on grounds crew, been a stage hand and of course working in the beer garden.

Question: Is Cariwest the only event you donate your time to as a volunteer?

Joshua: No, I also volunteer for the Cooperate Challenge at my work (Worker’s Compensation Board)

Question: Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories from your time as a volunteer?

Joshua: There was that time, I forgot which mass band I was going with as a parade marshal.

Question: How has being a Cariwest Volunteer impacted your personal and professional life so far, and how do you see it impacting your life in the future?

Joshua: Volunteering for Cariwest has really helped me improve my communication and social skills. This will really help my journey towards becoming a high school teacher. Learning how to interact with various people and personalities is also a tremendous help in understanding how to cooperate with different people, which has proven to be beneficial to me.

With Cariwest 2018 upon the horizon, we would love to hear from you, if you are keen to learn more about volunteering your time towards putting on Edmonton’s most vibrant festival this summer. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Thanks again to Joshua and all our hard-working volunteers and let D’ Journey continue for 2018

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