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Western Canada's Largest Caribbean Arts Festival!

The Western Carnival Development Association (WCDA), a founder of Cariwest Caribbean Arts Festival, is a non-profit organization powered by volunteers. WCDA is committed to fostering cultural diversity, inclusion, & unity since 1984. Through our annual carnival celebration, we create a platform for the vibrant Caribbean community in Edmonton & Western Canada, to showcase their infectious music, energetic performances, savory cuisine, and share the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean with the wider community.

Join us in the heart of downtown Edmonton on August 9th - 11th, 2024, for our 3-day event. We will immerse you in the history, traditions, and contributions of the Caribbean diaspora. The festival ensures that the legacy of our rich Caribbean culture is passed on to future generations. 

2023 Cariwest Parade (1).jpg
2023 Cariwest Parade (2).jpg
2023 Cariwest Parade (3).jpg

Our 2024 Sponsors and Friends

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