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Each year The Caribbean Community looks forward to bringing the vibrancy of our Caribbean Carnival Culture to the City of Edmonton. In light of the current COVID19 Pandemic and its devastating effects around the world, the Cariwest Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the 36th Annual Cariwest Festival for 2020.  

The current requirements of physical distancing and limited crowd sizes are not conducive to the kind of social gathering that is a signature of our festival. The safety of our participants, volunteers and spectators is first and foremost in our minds. The information regarding COVID19 and the fight against it is changing daily. The uncertainty of the current situation has created an environment in which is impossible to plan an event in a fiscally responsible manner. Safety and Financial Viability are a large part of Cariwest’s guiding principles and due to the challenges of the pandemic, we are unable to provide a festival conducive to either.

Thank you to all our supporters especially volunteers, mas band leaders, funders, sponsors, vendors, suppliers,  and entertainers who have worked with us so far this year. We appreciate your understanding and support. 

We look forward to putting all our creative energies into producing an epic Cariwest Festival for the 2021 season. Please continue to follow us on our social media to stay informed.

We encourage you all to take heed of the messages from federal and provincial health authorities - Stay home, practice physical distancing and practice good hygiene.

Stay Well,


Cariwest Board of Directors

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