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Cosmetic tips and tricks for Playing Mas

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Embracing the melanin femininity

If you are Jamaican and over the age of 35 you are probably familiar with Sir Florizel Glasspole, former Governor General and know very well what is arguably, his most famous quote. “I am a great admirer of feminine beauty”. It’s an expression he worked into every key note address no matter the occasion. This is a sentiment that I totally endorse and for an event such as Cariwest I can totally appreciate and admire the effort all our beautiful ladies put into playing mas.

I thought it would be interesting to take you all behind the curtain to see what goes into keeping it sexy during Cariwest. Our guide to the hours of insane preparation is Stephanie Modeste director of Modeste Beauty. Along with her background as a beauty consultant, she is also an avid Cariwest masquerader and knows a thing or two about the challenges of keeping it all together while playing mas along Jasper Avenue.

Question: Now, you have started your own beauty consulting firm and have been apart of the beautification process of a lot of women at various events in Edmonton. What made you want to get into that line of consulting? And who are some of the people you have worked with?

Stephanie: I have always loved make-up and the way it can be used to fully change someone's appearance. Growing up I found many difficulties finding makeup for black women. As an adult, I wanted to not only be a consumer; I also wanted to be a part of helping to change the vision and future of how black women are viewed and depicted in the beauty industry. I have had the opportunity to work with Nilo - owner of Afrodisiac aka that girl you should know and Natalie Meyer - Indah by Natalie. Further to this, I have had the opportunity to work on some beautiful models from the community in Edmonton and am inspired to see them embracing their melanin femininity! It's truly beautiful.

Question: There are tons of brands and lines out there for women to chose from when it comes to beauty products. What are a couple of things women should be aware off when looking for what to buy while preparing for Cariwest?

Stephanie: When looking for products in general, people should try samples, when possible. Even if you have to pay a small fee for a sample, it may save you in the long run by avoiding allergic reactions, or disappointment in the longevity or quality of a product. The same applies when seeking products to use for Cariwest, you want a trusted product that will look great from far away and reflect the light. I also highly recommend a primer and makeup setting spray for Cariwest. These products will assist with the makeup that is applied early in the day to stay on for the night. My favorite spray is Modeste Beauty Oil control setting spray; however, in the event, I am out of stock. I also would recommend you try NYX Dewy finish setting spray.

Question: Us guys we sometimes hear tales, that certain products work best, based on factors like skin tone, physical fitness etc. I have always thought that was crazy talk, is there any truth to that?

Stephanie: It is true some products work better than others. The reason is not always the product alone, rather a combination of the product and someone's current diet and skin care routine. Genetics do also play a factor, as to whether or not you have: dry skin vs. oily skin and sensitivities to certain products. Also, it is really important to keep in mind other current products being used, because some products may react with one another, causing skin irritations. Also keep in mind that some chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate are found in many products and cause dryness, cracking and itching, so trying two or more new products at the same time is usually not recommended, again this is why samples are important.

Question: What are a couple of brands you would suggest ladies look at buying for an event such as ours? And do you have a few reliable stores to get hold of these brands?

Stephanie: As for products and what I recommend, of course, I am going to suggest my product line Modeste Beauty, which is currently on order and hopefully will arrive prior to Cariwest. I highly recommend the foundation for full coverage, the oil control setting spray, and highlight palette, to sparkle and shine from far away. I can be reached through my Instagram and Facebook account. I also recommend NYX pigments for creating bright, bold eye makeup looks, that will not require as much layering, they are located in West Edmonton Mall and of course to keep the skin shiny, hydrated and healthy I recommend Afrodisiac Golden Cream, located at 3411-107 avenue, it can be used daily, and also during Cariwest to apply glitter to the body.

As we get ready for 2018 and our MOVE TO THE FEDERAL PLAZA BUILDING (CLICK FOR MAP), hopefully you ladies will find these tips useful in helping you get ready for Western Canada’s largest Caribbean festival and remember to enjoy D’Journey.

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